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Three chickens walk into a library. They go up to the counter and cluck "Buk, buk, buk." The library assistant gives them three books, and they leave happy.

The following day the three chickens are back. They throw the books angrily on the counter, shake their heads to show that the books were no good, and again demand "Buk, buk, buk."

The library assistant takes back the three books, and gives them three new books in exchange. Slightly happier the chickens walk out with the books.

But the day after that the chickens are back again, only they are angrier still. Again they throw the books back on the counter, shaking their heads to show that the books were no good, then clucking "Buk, buk, buk." to demand three more books. Once more the library assistant gives them three more books in exchange for the returned books, and the chickens walk out with the books, slightly mollified by the exchange.

This goes on every day for a week, with the chickens getting angrier and angrier every time they change the books.

When the chickens continue with this routine for a second week, the library assistant begins to get very curious. So he makes an arrangement with a colleague to take over the desk as soon as he has served the chickens, so that he can follow them.

Sure enough, the next day the chickens are back. Angrily they throw the books on the counter, furiously shaking their heads to show that the books are no good and angrily clucking "Buk, buk, buk." for three more books

The library assistant serves them, then as the chickens leave, his colleague takes over running he counter and he sneaks out and follows the chickens at a discreet distance.

With the books tucked safely under their wings, the chickens walk down the street, cross the road, go down a side street, go into the park, walk across the park, and over to the duck pond.

Then they swim across the duck pond to the middle, holding the books in their wings above the water to stop them getting wet. In the centre of the pond grow some water lilies. On one Lily pad sits a big fat frog. The chickens offer the books to the frog one by one. The frog looks at the books and then hands each one back to the chickens saying:


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