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Joke 200

Laughs, Gags & Jokes From
Home Grown Laughter

Well, here we are. Jokes Page 200! When we reached Jokes Page 100 I published a joke with 100 punchlines. I tried to find a joke with 200 punchlines, but failed. So instead I'll do three things that I have never done before on this site.

Firstly I'll read your mind over the Internet! Even though I am writing this before you read it, so I'll be reading your mind in the future! I'm going to have to use both my mind reading skills and my "seeing into the future" skills. Amazing huh?

Secondly I'll post a YouTube video. This is not something I have done before on this site, and not something I intend to do again. This was, is, and always will be, a text based jokes site. But this is the 200th Jokes Page, and the video is (genuinely) the funnies video I have ever seen, so I'll make an exception today.

Thirdly I have started a Facebook page for this site. The Facebook page is for the sort of jokes I don't usually post here. Things like funny pictures, funny videos, and links to other funny sites.

So that is what I have planned for this page, now read on and enjoy.

Mind Reading

OK, I can tell what you are doing and thinking by reading your mind over the Internet. And as I am typing this before you are going to read this, I will be reading your mind in the future. This is an amazing skill I have, I don't use it lightly, and I don't use it often. But today is a special day (we reached 200 joke pages), so I'll make an exception.

So here we go. I will tell you ten things you are either thinking or doing at the moment. Watch and see how accurate these ten things are:

1. At the moment you are sitting in front of a computer reading stuff on the Internet.

2. You are now thinking that my first mind reading fact was an easy one to guess!

4. You didn't notice I skipped number 3.

5. You're checking now.

6. You're smiling.

7. You're still reading this even though it is stupid.

9. You didn't realise I skipped number 8.

10.You're checking again and smiling because you fell for it again.

11. You're enjoying this.

12. You didn't realise that although I said I'd tell you ten things you are either doing or thinking, I am now up to number twelve!

Now for what I genuinely think is the funniest video ever on You Tube. It is seventy seven seconds long, and the really funny bit is right at the end, so you have to watch all of it. If you really cannot afford 77 seconds to see the funniest thing ever, then there is a shorter version going round Facebook, and you can find a copy of that shorter version on our new Facebook page (link below). But if you have seventy seven seconds for a great laugh, then here it is:

Finally our new Facebook page. I've just set it up. This is the first time I've given a link to it (but soon I'll add a link to it in the menu, and possibly a link on the tail, which is the bit that appears below the joke).

Click Here to visit Home Grown Laughter's Facebook page. (And don't forget to "like" it, so you don't loose it!)

That is our 200th Jokes Page over. Hope it made you laugh. (If the video did not make you laugh then hold a mirror to your mouth for a few moments to see if it fogs up - because you may be dead!) Here's to another 200 pages, and a hope that you stay with us until then. (So if you have not already done so, Bookmark this page now - I will be adding new jokes pages all the time, and you do not want to miss any of the new jokes.)

Bye bye, see you in another 200 Jokes Pages time!

If you want more great jokes, including funny pictures, funny videos, and the occasional humorous rant, then Click Here and check out our Facebook page (and don't forget to "Like" us, to keep getting the funnies).

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